Custom Fabrication Services

Our metal fabrication specialists work on custom jobs from concept to completion. Flat-To-Form is your one stop shop for part manufacturing. We can punch, shear, form, weld and assemble any type of project you have. We also provide laser and finishing services for your sheet metal needs. Find out more about our custom fabrication services below.

Local welder at Flat To Form Metal Specialties, tac welding a seam onto a metal box

Welding Services

Our welding services range from simple spot welding to more complex projects. Types of welding techniques that we perform include MIG, TIG, spot and stud welding. We have clients that only need a simple weld, as well as clients that require welding as just one part of the assembly project we are completing for them.

This is our turret punch press, punching through metal for custom parts creation at our sheet metal fab shop in Fremont Michigan.

Metal Punching

Does your project require custom metal shapes or hole punching? Our turret punch press can stamp through from 24 gauge to up to 7 gauge metal. Sheet metals that we work with include: aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, galvannealed, hot rolled pickled & oiled, as well as cold rolled steel. Our metal shop can set up custom patterns in metal panels for easier assembly.

hinges and fasteners added to custom metal box created from stainless steel sheet metal in west michigan


Our sheet metal projects often require assembly of many parts. This includes creating and adding hinges and fasteners. We also work with other manufacturing materials such as foam gaskets, locks, clasps and other pieces.

custom prototypes of metal parts including brackets, punched metal plates, boxes and fixtures

Custom Prototyping

Bring your project drawings to life with a custom prototype. We can put together one piece, or a few pieces, so you can plan better for production of a larger job. Prototypes are great for testing purposes, which is more efficient for operations.

Submit your drawing and request a quote from Flat To Form.

View examples of our custom metal fab work.